We just had a 5.7 earthquake in my area; its epicenter was on the same general trend of the Easter Sunday earthquake earlier this year. Although this one was 30 times weaker than the Easter quake and not much closer, I felt it much more strongly. Strange.
I felt this earthquake in what could be called “textbook fashion.” Any geology textbook will tell you that there are two main shocks in an earthquake: a sharp initial one followed by a more gradual shaking. The separation between the two shocks grows with distance from the epicenter due to different speeds with which the waves travel through the ground. In all the earthquakes I had felt so far, I had not been able to distinguish between the two shocks. This time, I felt the difference very clearly.
Anyway, detailed info can, of course, be found at the USGS website if you wish to pursue this further. The Wikipedia article for this quake appears to be here.


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