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Massive prime numbers

19 July 2010

I participate in PrimeGrid, a distributed computing project to find large prime numbers of various types. It seems that my computer just found such a massive prime–a Proth prime, to be precise. Proth primes have the form

where k and n are integers. Mine was

which, when written out in full base-10 notation, is 157897 digits and can be found beyond the “read the rest of this entry” tag (warning: this particular entry will load slowly in its entirety).



7 June 2010

I got nerd sniped the other day by a post at The Math Less Traveled about an excellent puzzle/game called Manufactoria. It’s basically a set of puzzles involving queueing theory; it goes through a progression of levels, starting out at the exceptionally easy and progressing to the frustratingly hard. Here’s a screenshot of the thing:
Screenshot of Manufactoria
For now, just have fun playing with it!